Zygon Articles

In 1964, both Ralph Burhoe and I became professors at Meadville Lombard Theological School at the University of Chicago. Our aim was to reshape liberal theological education around the sciences. To help in this we founded Zygon—Journal of Religion and Science with the University of Chicago Press. Ralph was editor and I was managing editor. Volume 1 in 1966 carried several joint items by “The Editors” that I post here, along with items of mine.

Cover & Contents, volume 1.1 (read)

Editors (Ralph Burhoe & Robert Tapp) initial statement, 1-10 (read)

Theological Resources from the Sciences (Ralph Burhoe & Robert Tapp), 11-13(read)

“Comments on Theological Resources from the Biological Sciences” (George Wald), Robert Tapp, 52-54 (read)

Book review policy, Robert Tapp, 111 (read)

Reviews “Theologians evaluating Science (1), Robert Tapp, I.2,  205-14 (read)

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