Searching for Books

Finding the right new books.  Merchants record our preferences in books and movies in order to make better future recommendations. Why not do it yourself? Michael E. Cohen has an interesting essay in Tidbits, and key excerpts are below. If you want fuller information, read his whole article.

  • Bookish — The Bookish site is typical of the genre: you can go there and immediately enter a book title to solicit recommendations.
  • What Should I Read Next? — Like Bookish, the What Should I Read Next? (WSIRN) site requires that you register before it lets you enter more than one title as the basis for recommendations; unlike Bookish, it requires only an email address and not a password.
  • Whichbook — The Whichbook site takes a decidedly different approach: instead of starting with a list of authors and titles, it works from what it calls a “combination of factors” that you supply. You don’t need a registration to use Whichbook, unless you want it to keep track of your various searches.
  • Library Thing — LibraryThing, which has the depth that WSIRN does and also offers a more complete feature set for bookish people (you know who you are). Unlike the other sites I looked at, LibraryThing really requires a user account — as far as recommendations go, it is useless without one….The site even accepts data entry from a free iPhone scanner app, ZBar Barcode Reader, so you can scan the barcodes on many of your books’ covers for quick data entry.
  • World Catalogue.
  • Library of Congress

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