Beyond Reading: Authors to Hear/Watch

In the digital,world, authors are not just “readable.”. We can hear them speak, even watch them. Several search apps are helpful (Google, Bing, Yahoo) but even more useful is Apple’s indexing source.

To use it, you need to have iTunes installed on your device. It is a free download for all devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones, tablets). When it is open, the tab on the right is “iTunes Store.” Open it and there is a Search box at the top right. Enter the author’s name — and the links are yours!

Movies, Books, Audiobooks, Collections, iTunesU Episodes, Podcast Episodes, Podcasts. TV Episodes, TV Seasons….  In most cases, time-length will be listed. And many items, under Price, will simply have “Get” — meaning that they are free!  However you find iitems, you can, of course, view on your computer or device. If you can link it to your TV, use the large screen.

While YouTube will often appear in iTunes, you might want to do an independent search via YouTube. You can also search for topics or titles.

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