Your Own Virtual Library

After humans learned to talk, some remembered and recited what had been said yesterday. Then we learned to write our words — on sand, bark, walls, clay, stone, papyrus, paper. Then scrolls, books, printing press. And today most of this is stored on the internet! Today this is all freely available to anyone owning a computer — without leaving your keyboard!

Try these links to explore your own virtual library — the menu to the right will change to a library navigation menu:

Is reading becoming more difficult? As we mature, many of us find our eyes get less usable. Reading onscreen may prove enormously helpful! You can control the size of type and spacing of lines. You can also have the computer read to you. For more suggestions, see Tips and Resources, especially the final two items.

Tip to Coffman users, close this window and you should be back where you started!

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