Selected Unpublished Papers

Earlier articles typically intended “man” to be inclusive. Typos here are results of scans and OCRs.

“Godtalk within the Humanist Institute — and out in the world.” 1998. [read]

Membership Survey, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis MN, 1995 [read]

“Religious Behavior of Gay Men.” William H. Bartruff & Robert B. Tapp, Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, 1992. [read]. Accompanying tables. [read]

“Religious Humanism as of 1986.” Paper presented to the Humanist Colloquium, Jan. 1986, New York. [read]

“A Model for Studying Secularization/Modernization in India.” 1974 [read]

“Mysticism as Autotherapy” (1971). [read]

“The Science-and-Theology Bit at Meadville.” (1970) Paper for Meadville Lombard Anniversary Celebration. [read]

“How Do You ‘Do’ Liberal Theology?” (1970)  Paper for Meadville Lombard Anniversary Celebration. [read]

“The Liberal Minister as Guru” (1970). An ordination sermon for Vernon Barnet, May 24, in Kansas City KS. [read]

“Religiosity in the United States and Canada: Some Exceptions to its Multidimensionality.” (Coauthor: June Louin Tapp). Paper presented to the XIXth International Congress of Psychology, July 31, 1969, London. [read]

“Religiosity as Affected by Local Church Milieu.” Paper presented to the 2nd International Congress of Social Psychiatry, Aug. 7, 1969, London. [read]

“The Theological Correlates of Social Liberalism.” Paper presented to Study Conference on the Religious Imperatives of Unitarian Universalist Social Action, May 8, 1969, Punderson, Ohio. [read]

“Post-Traditional Religiosity: an Empirically Tested Model.” Paper presented to Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, Oct 25, 1968, Montreal. [read]

“Some Initial Considerations…….” (1967). The initial welcoming paper to Commission Three of the International Association for Religious Freedom on “The Dialogue of World Religions.” I chaired from that founding until 1970. [read]

“Commencement Prayer” (1967). [read]

“A Church for the Post-traditionally Religious.” (1967). [read]

“But Can You Say It in Christian?” (1967). [read]

“Thrice Dead…Indeed!” (1966) Meadville Lombard Theological School, affiliated with the University of Chicago, held daily chapel services when I joined its faculty in 1964. This and the next four papers are transcripts of addresses given to that assemblage. (read)

“The Relevance of Indian Ethics.” Read at Twelfth Summer Conference of Institute of Religion in an Age of Science, Star Island NH, August 1965. [read]

“Inter-Religious Tensions.” (1956). [read]

“Race and Ethnic Tensions.” (1955)  Some courses were offered as electives to undergraduates. [read]

“The Meaning of Easter for Religious Liberals” (1954) My first postdoctoral appointment was as Dockstader Professor of Theology at the St. Lawrence University Theological School (Canton, NY). [read}

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