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Religious Right-AU644

materials on Religious Right

Heads meeting. The heads of several nonreligious organizations will hold their first annual meeting to explore shared strategies to involve the growing group on Nones. (click)

Frederick Clarkson lists many sources of research on the Religious Right. (click)

Alison Flood reviews Richard Seymours critique of Christopher Hitchens political turn to the right. (click)
Daniel Dennett on the “well-tempered mind.” (click)
Jared Diamond: Its irrational to be religious. (click)
Chris Hedges argues that liberalism is too cool in crises and we need Reinhold Niebuhrs “sublime madness.” (click)
Inaugural poet Richard Blancos story. (click)
Emily Esfahani Smith discusses a new study by positive psychology researchers that contrasts meaning and happiness. By implication, it derogates the Enlightenment use of the happiness term (see many of the comments). She also recalls Viktor Frankls use of “meaning.” Humanists will want to read and discuss the research. (click)
Emily Esfahani Smith describes research showing love to be a “micro.moment of positive resonance.” (click)
Story and pictures on Indias Maha Kumbh Mela. (click)
Are Nonbelievers the Last Minority to Face Discrimination? Read Michael Bonannos essay. (click)
Barna releases report on worldviews of Hispanic-Americans. (click)
Barna report on religious freedom shows how ambiguous the meanings of this term now are. (click)
Michael Kinsley reviews Lawrence Wrights book on Scientology. (click)
Large Canadian grant for research on “The Evolution of Religion and Morality,” headed by Edward Slingerland. (click)
Douglas Todd notes that Slingerland and many other group scholars are “atheists.” (click)
Richard Schiffman on Christianity and sexuality. (click)
Nearly 3-in-10 Americans believe that God plays a role in sports outcomes. (click)
AC Grayling writes about Frank Ramsey, genius who died at 26. (click)
Daniel Tutt reviews Christopher Watkins book on Continental atheism. (click)
Michael Serazio reminds us of Durkheims totems, and the obvious fact that sports are a widespread form of tribal religion. (click)
Gary Gutting describes “religious agnostics” who make reject knowledge claims of some religion while seeing that it nonetheless affords “understanding” of many things. (click)
John Horgan reviews Thomas Nagels new book somewhat critically, agreeing that claims of the current “theories of everything” are presently unwarranted. (click)
Austin Cline reviews the new book Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief. (click)

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