30190 “Unspeakable. Chris Hedges on the Most Taboo Topics in America”

Discover Chris Hedges, independent journalist, at his bluntest on how corporate power shapes government decisions and converts popular media into propaganda. Without accurate information and an educated citizenry, democracy can’t last. Read his new book on the most forbidden topics in America – Unspeakable by Chris Hedges on the Most Taboo Topics in America, with David Talbot. HotBooks, 2016.

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Class Audio 7/11/2017

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2012 dialogue with Bill Moyers    read


The Christian Right and the Rise of American Fascism  (2004)


Chris Hedges, The Graveyard of the Elites  read

Chris Hedges,  The Intellectuals We Abandon  (Sheldon Wolin, Karl Marx) read

Chris Hedges, Building the institutions for revolt  read

Chris Hedges, James Baldwin and the meaning of whiteness  read

Chris Hedges, Watch: Is ‘Christianized fascism’ the biggest threat we face under Trump? (25m)   watch

The Dance of Death


/The American Media Hide From The Truth

By Paul Craig Roberts

On Contact1

‘On Contact’ With Chris Hedges

A Last Chance for Resistance

By Chris Hedges



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