New articles of humanist interest

Phil Zuckerman: Atheism is not “just another religion.” read

Roy Speckhardt on DNC scandal about Sanders. read

Gleb Tsipursky. “A Reason-Oriented Perspective on Meanings and Values.” read

Favid Breeden on Stoic Mindfulness (2 of 6). read

Jason Frye, new CEO of Secular Policy Institute, on Ingersoll.s seularism. read

Robert Price, The Value of Theology for Atheists. “To demythologize is to decode stories of, and beliefs in, God(s), to reveal the self-understandings of those who produce and who live by the myths. People who inherit or embrace (factually erroneous) myth systems assimilate their dictates and definitions. The systems of belief are projections of the “symbolic universes” (Peter Berger and Thomas Luckmann) inside the heads of believers. This is the truth of the formula “As above, so below.” Theology does have subject matter: human beings.” read

New articles of humanist interest

David Breeden on cosmopolitanism. “The fearful have throughout our human story hidden behind petty nationalism and worshiped the tribal gods. Through whatever mass panics and witch hunts the fearful fall prey to, Humanists remain cosmopolites. read

Matthew Bulger on DNC’s ignoring non-theists after the hack. read

Luis Granados onDNC insults to atheists. read

Kurt Vonnegut’s advice to people in 2088. read

Gleb Tsipursky, Is serving others the key to meaning and purpose? read

Vlassis Rassias: European true identity was destroyed when Christianity moved in. “Our purpose is clear, to restore the once defeated but not extinct, cultures of joy, freedom, polytheism, dignity, piety and uprightness, and, being a Hellene, please let me ad, of reason, humanism, eunomia and polyarchy.” read

Zoltan Istvan, transhumanist presidential candidate. read

Herb Silverman, Positive Atheism. “Parsing words might be a characteristic of folks engaged in the secular movement. Though there are fine distinctions, which many of us like to argue about, it often comes down more to a matter of taste or comfort level than to deep theological or philosophical differences. read

Sam Harris leads a 26 min. guided meditation. watch

Jason Frye, new CEO of Secular Policy Institute..”As incoming CEO my goal is for our organization to expand our advocacy efforts and our list of distinguished fellows and advocates, and to work with as many groups as possible to achieve these efforts and not explicitly in an “Atheist” capacity, but to work with everyone who affirms two things: 1) The need for secular government, separating church & State with neutrality in this division, and 2) Those affirming the principles illustrated in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights.” read

David Breeden on Stoic mindfulness. read

The Humanist Service Corp of the Foundation Beyond Belief. read

DNC 2016 platform very inclusive — except for ignoring nonbelievers, Raina Lipsitz. read

New articles of humanist interest

Eric Gordon rev. Roy Speckhardt’s book, Creating Change Through Humanism, in People’s World. read

Yale’s Chris Stedman. read

David Breeden on hope — in this burning world. “No, we haven’t got a prayer. And solutions come and go. The news and the promises drone on. Compassion is what remains. Life itself—being here now—is all anyone has ever had or ever will. It is enough. Our task is to remember.” read

Stephen Law on supernatural beings. read

Noam Chomsky int. by Jorge Majfud for The Humanist. read

Kurt Vonnegut’s 7 pieces of advice (1988). read

Center for Skeptical Inquiry: CSICon2016. read

Roy Speckhardt: Religion: Divorced from the Hallmarks of Rationality. : “Confidence” is a better term than “faith.” read