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New Humanist Articles. (June 22, 2019)

Dialectics of Enlightenment. by Kwame Anthony Appiah, “In particular, what if the effort to shore up rationality invites its opposite? What if light is destined to generate shadows, Enlightenment a Counter-Enlightenment? That’s the thesis of Justin E.H. Smith’s new book, Irrationality: A History of the Dark Side of Reason. The difficulty posed by reason, he suggests, is…. Should we conclude that rational solutions—improved algorithms, better voting systems—are bound to worsen the underlying irrationality? Smith says that irrationality is “humanly ineradicable, and that efforts to eradicate it are themselves supremely irrational”; but the efforts he largely has in mind, it seems, are efforts to manage human irrationality, not to eradicate it, and such efforts can be given old-fashioned, rationalist names: good governance, prudent policy….. We can’t solve all human problems with reason alone; but we can’t solve any of them without it.” open

Fitness Trackers, Dating Apps, and Other Ladders to Nowhere. by Mallory Rentsch, open

Watch: Pro-Choice Activists to ‘Pro-Life Barbie’: ‘F*ck You and the Rest of You Ignorant B*tches’. by Amanda House, open

What Counts As Religious Experience? open

Pakistan lawyer is named Secularist of the Year by NSS. by Barry Duke, open

James Dobson: If the Equality Act Becomes Law, Democrats “Will Enslave Us”. by Hemant Mehta, open

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, What Illinois Bikers Know That Washington Doesn’t. by Andrew Bacevich, open

Memorial Day 1955 — And Today. by wjastore, bracingviews.c. “I find it remarkable that talk of peace in America has almost completely disappeared from our public discourse. Permanent war is instead seen as inevitable, the price of confronting evildoers around the world.” open

Washington State Legalizes Composting of Human Remains. by Rebecca Worby, open

GlobalPlus: Secularism in the West. by Sky Island, open

Researchers find Catholic Church’s patterns of sexual abuse consistent across time and place. open

We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America. by The Atlantic, open

James Dobson Warns Democrats Will ‘Enslave’ Conservative Christians
by Michael Stone, open

Faith demands we forgo our most powerful capacity: reason. by Rick Snedeker, open

After All the Handwringing We’re Now Seeing Exactly Why Conservative Christians Supported Trump. By Hollis Phelps & L. Benjamin Rolsky. open

Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools Are a No-Brainer? Think Again. May 17, 2019, 1:52pm Candy Gunther Brown. open

Forbidden! by David Breeden, open

Report catalogues soaring incidents of trespassing, disruption, and intimidation at abortion clinics. open

Millennial Non-Christians Show Greater Spiritual Curiosity Than Older Adults. open

Why Fiction Trumps Truth. by Yuval Noah Harari, open

White Women Are Helping States Pass Abortion Restrictions. by Ronald Brownstein, open

Does Religion Cause Violence? by Jonathan MS Pearce, open

by Rick Snedeker, open

An Atheist’s Guide to Spirituality
‘I did not have to believe anything irrational about the universe.’
Nautilus. May 26. open

by Maria Popova, open

Christians will exodus from Maine because of a new vaccination law
by Barry Duke, open

Jared Diamond: There’s a 49 Percent Chance the World As We Know It Will End by 2050,
by David Wallace-Wells,

‘We Don’t Know a Planet Like This’: CO2 Levels Hit 415 PPM for First Time in 3 Million+ Years. by Jon Queally,

Exploring the Historical Roots of Religious Freedom A Conversation with Steven Waldman by Becky Garrison

This World Humanist Day, What Do We Wish People Knew About Humanism?by Staff,

This World Humanist Day, What Do We Wish People Knew About Humanism?by Staff,

U.S. Sanctions: Economic sabotage that is deadly, illegal and ineffective, by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S,

FFRF pro-choice NY Times ad faults religion

Commentary: World Humanist Day signifies importance of humanistic values. By BY DAN BARKER

AOC Is the Trump-Era Hero We Need, by Krystal Ball,

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