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Faith Hill, Building a Church Without God Was Never Going to Be Easy
Secular organizers started their own congregations. But to succeed, they need to do a better job of imitating religion.

Pew on counties that harass religiosity unaffiliated

James A. Haught,, The Internet Gives Doubters a Home. “Well, if in-person gatherings rarely work for skeptics, I think there’s a better “glue” to unite millions of freethinkers worldwide. It’s the colossal Internet, the enormous portal for all of humanity. … Further, there’s scientific evidence that the Internet actually creates atheism….There you have it: The Internet provides a worldwide haven for freethought – and it also creates more freethought. If in-person meetings can’t make a sanctuary for doubters, cyberland can.”

10 Great Reasons To Think and Be A Skeptic. by Joseph,

Humanism at Harvard. by James Croft,

Adam Lee, The Coming Secular Era, Continued. “My co-author Jim Haught calls the rise of atheism and secularism the biggest news of the 21st century. You can debate whether there are other stories that count as “bigger,” but it’s hard to deny that this is a striking development. It’s a sharp break with hundreds of years of human history, and what’s more, it’s happening on a very rapid timescale.” Many world studies quoted.

PZ Myers describes the new Netflix documentary ‘The Fanily’ based on an earlier book. Both describe how the name of Jesus has been used to promote very conservative agendas around the world. The documentary is a MUST for humanists.

SCOTTY HENDRICKS, Why Secular Humanism can do what Atheism can’t. Good survey of current US organizations and positions. Links to 3m Alain Botton video (3m), Michael Shermer (6m) and and Ste[hen Fry (14m), plus other videos and BigThink articles.

Vanessa Gomez Brake is the 2019 UU Humanist Association’s Person. She is now the associate dean of religious life at University of Southern California. Mariam Salassi’s earlier story and interview.

James A. Haught on Mainstream Silence. How MSM seldom deals with stories about freethought. “They cover demographic trends such as the decline of churchgoing, and sometimes they report about atheist groups, but usually they won’t publish frontal assaults saying religion is false.”

James A. Haught , The Mother of All Questions. “The answer dictates your entire approach to life.(…) Is there a supernatural god who may burn you forever in fire after you die? If the answer is yes, it’s the most crucial fact of human life. But if no such god exists, western religions have committed millennia of fraud and deception.”

Paul Fidalgo, No Sting Songs For You. His daily newsletter with links to many relevant stories.

David Breeden, From Marcus Aurelius to Himself.

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