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Just 12% of Brits are affiliated to C of E, major survey reveals..(open)

James Croft on coming out

Breaking the Faith, It took centuries to fulfill James Madison’s unique vision of religious freedom. Donald Trump threatens to undo it. By Steven Waldman

Rick Snedeker rejects Andrew Yang’s statements about atheism being a religion.

Understanding Cultures of Unbelief for Religious. In the last part of May 2019, an unlikely gathering took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, sponsored by the Pontifical Commission for…. by Fr. Carl Chudy

Can We Avoid Insulting Believers? It’s difficult for sincere doubters to talk with sincere believers without causing bad feelings. by James Haught

PRRI, America’s Growing Support for Transgender Rights

Pew. A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

Tom Flynn, Humanism’s Chasm.

Nathan Alexander discusses his new book on relations between atheism and racism in US and UK 1855-1924. (religious were worse)

Women of Color Beyond Belief


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