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Amanda Marcotte,, #WeToo? read
Tali Sharo, The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others..(watch)
Richard Feynman: Entropy, Past And Future, History Of The Universe (2 pts) watch
Hemant Mehta, After Marriott Merger, Sheraton and Westin Hotels Will Offer Holy Books in Rooms read
David Breeden A Tale of Two Gods read
Katie Fustich, On religion and the left: Does socialism have to mean atheism? read
Rick Snedeker, , We Could Learn from Critical-Thinking Initiative in Rural India read
Hemant Mehta, After Marriott Merger, Sheraton and Westin Hotels Will Offer Holy Books in Rooms
PZ Myers on recent meeting of Heads “Some of them are all right. But way too many of them are, at best, defenders of the status quo, and at worst, representative of the nastier elements of atheism. Old boss, same as the new boss.” read
Julia Sweeney on Freethought Matters (28m) watch Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z read
Steven Pinker’s Best Arguments of all time, Part One watch
Why do progressives hate progress? | Steven Pinker watch
Margaret Fuller. Maria Popova remembers this transcendentalist feminist. read
Hemant Mehta,, 2017 Freedom of Thought Report Highlights World’s Worst Countries for Atheists read
David Breeden, How Ought We Live Our Lives? read
Chris Sloggett, Only secularism can defeat the emboldened Hindu right read
The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine (Junior items) read
Casey Cep, Why Are Americans Still Uncomfortable with Atheism? read
You can listen to Atheist Republic News watch
Ayun Halliday, Behold Kurt Vonnegut’s Drawings: Writing is Hard. Art is Pure Pleasure. watch
Jonathan Merritt, It’s Getting Harder to Talk About God read
Hemant Mehta, Here Are the Biggest Church/State Separation Cases Facing the Next Supreme Court read
James A. Haught, Is It Blasphemy or Honesty? read
Adam Gopnik, The Prophetic Pragmatism of Frederick Douglass read
Mano Singham, Are religion and evolution necessarily incompatible? read
Michael Fitzgerald Atheism, the Computer Model: Big data meets history to forecast the rise and fall of religion read
Rick Snedeker, ‘Nones,’ Thus Far, Too Shy to Be A Force in American Politics read
Hemant Mehta, Poll Shows Nearly Half of British Adults Don’t Believe Jesus Performed Miracles read

PZ Myers,, I’m worried about David Silverman read
PZ Myers, So, what has David Silverman been up to lately? read
Rick Snedeker, Even Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Skeptic Wrestles With Divine read
UK, Replace RE with ‘religion and worldviews’, says commission read
y Libby Anne, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Wilson, and the Making and Remaking of a Platform read
Latest British Social Attitudes Survey shows Church of England hit record low read
Rick Snedeker, No Joke: Eight States’ Constitutions Bar Atheists From Public Office read
Susan Frederick-Gray, This is no time for a casual faith read
Rick Snedeker, Christianity’s Great ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’ Con read
Hemant Mehta, Atheists Characters in TV and Film Are Far More Complex Than They Used To Be read
Julian Baggini, Hume the humane read
David Breeden, In the Garden of Dark and Darker read
David Breeden, Best Religion Ever read
Tom Krattenmaker, A New Vision for Secular Transcendence read
Fred Edwords,Faith and Faithlessness by Generation: The Decline and Rise are Real read
Dale McGowan, As the Christian Church Crumbles, is Humanism Ready to Step Up? read

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