New Articles/Videos/Audios of humanist interest

Richard Dawkins, Cause & Effect CFI page read
Sam Harris: The Road to Tyranny A Conversation with Timothy Snyder watch
richard lloyd jones, Largest UU church votes to move downtown (Tulsa) read, Ethical Humanism read
Network for Church Monitoring, Church and State read
Paul Cliteur, Is There Another Way to Discover the Truth than by Free Discussion? read
John B. Hooper, Humanist EDge: Educating Strong Humanist Leaders read
Anthony B. Pinnm Humanism and the Challenge of Privilege read
Clay Farris Naff, The Humanevangelist: To End War, We Must First Understand I read
Donald A. Collins, Organized Religions Are Organized To Control Their Laities’ Lives read
Antonia Blumberg, New Study Suggests U.S. Has A Lot Of ‘Closet’ Atheists read
Valerie Tarico and David Fitzgerald, Evidence for Jesus is weaker than you might think read
Marlin Lavanhar, Love Where We Are (Meadville/Lombard Commencement address (also audio link) read
John Scales Avery, We Need Their Voices Today: Thomas Paine read
PZ Myers, Ken Ham, black person who is a pale shade of beige read
The Unraveling A Conversation with David Frum.Sam Harris watch
Valerie Tarico, What if Jesus Never Existed? An Interview with History Writer David Fitzgerald read
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Colbert discuss whether god exists (5m) watch
Valerie Tarico & David Fitzgerald, Evidence for Jesus is Weaker than You Might Think read
David Breeden, Getting It Right Like the BCE read
Andrew Hall, Scientists Prove Atheists Don’t Exist {unusual journal!) read
2017 Secular Values Summit read
Michael Shermer, If There is No God, is Murder Wrong? (8m) watch
Trav Mamone, Global Restrictions on Religion Rise Modestly in 2015, Reversing Downward Trend read
Valerie Tarico, Would You Like to Have a Kid in the Next Year? read
Dan Colman, Richard Dawkins on Why We Should Believe in Science: “It Works … Bitches” read
Nathan, Reza Aslan filmed the lost “Flying Spaghetti Monster” episode in Bolingbrook (Fiction) read
CFI’s 2016 Progress Report read
David Breeden, Meaning, Purpose, and Individualism: Thinking Our Way Out of Self-Reliance read
Brief encounter: Steven Pinker read
Adam Parker, Herb Silverman reflects on his life, beliefs as a public atheist read
Michael Werner, Let’s Celebrate! read
Marcus Ranum, Book Review: History of Skepticism (Popkin) read
Ask Me Anything 7, Sam Harris deals with questions about his podcast with Charles Murray watch
Let There Be Cake: An Interview with Maggie Ardiente read
Valerie Tarico, Can Bacteria Help Us Understand Religion? Part 1 read , Part 2 read , Part 3 read, Part 4 read
Humanists murdered in three countries read
David Breeden, Getting It Right Like the BCE read
Karla Gachet, Massimo Pigliucci on Seneca’s Stoic philosophy of happiness – Massimo Pigliucci read
Joan Reisman-Brill, The Humanist Dilemma: Who Knew Sexuality Was So Complicated? read
2016 Secular Social Justice Conference features largest gathering of atheist of color activists read
Maggie Ardiente, No, President Trump, We’re Not “A Nation of Believers” read
Tom Gilson, Christianity, Women, and How Atheists Avoid the Facts That Matter read

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