New Articles of humanist interest

Gordon Pennycook, Robert M. Ross, Derek J. Koehler, Jonathan A. Fugelsang, Atheists and Agnostics Are More Reflective than Religious Believers: Four Empirical Studies and a Meta-Analysis read
Neil Carter, Lies the Church Told Us About Sex read
James Croft, In Art, What We Like and What Is Good are Different read
Maria Popova, Walt Whitman on What Makes Life Worth Living “He recorded these reflections in Specimen Days (public library) — the sublime collection of prose fragments, letters, and journal entries that gave us Whitman on the wisdom of trees and music as the profoundest expression of nature” WW: “After you have exhausted what there is in business, politics, conviviality, love, and so on — have found that none of these finally satisfy, or permanently wear — what remains? Nature remains; to bring out from their torpid recesses, the affinities of a man or woman with the open air, the trees, fields, the changes of seasons — the sun by day and the stars of heaven by night.” ….. read
Bart Ehrman (intro Dan Barker) on Bible (59m) watch
Annie Laurie Gaylor on ending of FFRR’s year )7m) watch
Mano Singham, The Cornel West-Ta-Nehisi Coates feud and the role of intellectuals read
Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee? The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer read
David Breeden, What’s Miraculous read

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