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Jason Gots, Richard Dawkins – Red in Tooth and Claw – Think Again – a Big Think Podcast #112 “In this episode, which Dawkins described as “one of the best interviews I have ever had,” Richard and Jason talk about whether pescatarianism makes any sense, where morality should come from (since, as Hume says, “you can’t get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is’), the greatness of Christopher Hitchens, and the evils of nationalism. watch
High demand for non-religious pastoral care “Our answer to this problem has been the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Networkread
The Humanist Interview with Philanthropist Gordon Gamm )Jennifer Bardi) “…growing up Jewish at a time shortly after the Holocaust, I think there was a lot of emphasis on critical thinking and on accepting the fact that we were the minority in a majority Christian nation, which meant that we had to think independently about morality.” read
Amy Couch, Can Good be Good if Nobody Knows It? read
Luis Granados, Rules Are focr Schmucks: The Rodney Dangerfield of Religions read
Meghan Hamilton, Clarifying Humanism through the Haze of Equivocation “Humanism is good without a god. Humanism is doing good without a god. Humanism means the progression of society, of humanity, and of people as individuals” read
Joseph Blankholm, Atheists in the Pantheon “If we tell their story another way, nonbelievers become a very strange thing: a disavowed tradition in American thought that looks a lot like a religious tradition of its own. Nonbelievers appear to be a believing minority whose beliefs are so antithetical to the hegemonic Christian culture that they are illegible as beliefs and can only be seen as the antithesis of belief itself. Perhaps it’s time we gave atheists a place in the pantheon.” read
Alex J. O’Connor, So Much for a Finely Tuned Universe (Hemant Mehta,) watch, What Does Secular Humanism Have to Say about the Hate in Charlottesville? read
Thomas MacMillan, Everyone’s Suspicious of Atheists — Even Other Atheists. Studies by Will Gervaid, Joseph Baker read

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