New articles of humanist interest

David Breeden, Happy Holidays From the Cruel Optimisms read

Gleb Tsipursky, Guiding Document – Rational Politics read

Michael Shermer, How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail read

Text of PZ Myers’ speech at the organizational meeting read

Mano Singham, Black atheists and feminism (rev. Christopher Cameron’s new book) read

An Evening with Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris (1) read

Valerie Tarico, Why It’s Time to Call Bullshit on Prayer Requests read

The Humanist Hour, The Humanist Hour #222: The Future of Humanism: New Voices for the 21st Century, Part 1 “First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis put on a conference to celebrate their first hundred years as a humanist congregation. The centerpiece of this conference was a panel discussion on the future of humanism, its challenges and what humanism can do to rise to the occasion. The panelists were William Hart, Anthony Pinn, Sonia Sarker, Chris Stedman, and Phil Zuckerman. If you haven’t heard of them all before today, well, that was part of the point of the panel.” listen

Charlie Jane Anders, The New Star Trek Series Finally Realizes Gene Roddenberry’s Ultimate Vision “From its beginnings more than 50 years ago, Star Trek has always been about humanism. Creator Gene Roddenberry was famously a secular humanist himself, and he spoke eloquently about wanting to portray a future in which people use science to solve our own problems.” read

The Humanist Hour #219: Bo Bennett on Uncomfortable Ideas listen

Ernie Chambers, I Am What I Am, and Other Truths read

Sincere Kirabo, Book Review: Is The Atheist My Neighbor? (Randall Rauser) read, David Niose, Why Are We So Powerless? read

Robert M. Price, Is Secular Humanism a Religion After All? read

Ronald A. Lindsay, Male Circumcision and Self-Determination read

David Breeden, Better Living Through #Cynicism read, The Peace Movement and Resistance in Dark Times read

Dave Churvis, Being Openly Secular During the Holidays read

Valerie Tarico, Here are 5 reasons to suspect Jesus never existed read, The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence A Conversation with Stuart Russell listen

David Breeden, Kick the Dog, Pet the Dog—Off-Loading Anxiety read

CFI, The Question Christians Must Now Ask Themselves read

Gleb Tsipursky, Applying The Scientific Method To Charity read, Complexity & Stupidity Podcast Transcript [David Krakauer] listen

Humanist Hub, Humanist Hub Blog Connect. Act. Evolve. read

Colin Marshall, Carl Sagan’s Ambitious College Reading List: Plato, Shakespeare, Gide, and Plenty of Philosophy, Math & Physics (1954) read

[BHA] Lord Dubs awarded Humanist of the Year 2016 read

James A. Haught, Holy Horrors: Witch-Hunts (exc. from 2002 book) read

Obama gives Bill Maher hell about atheists wanting “a little more love”: “You seem to have done all right with your TV show” watch

Rob Boston, Now’s The Time To Recommit To The Vision Of Roger Williams read

Hemant Mehta, Notable Atheists and Scientists Are Disassociating from the Secular Policy Institute (2015) read

Valerie Tarico, If “Nothing Fails Like Prayer,” Why Do People Keep at It? read

Robyn Blumner and Richard Dawkins at Grand Canyon read

David Breeden, A Republic If You Can Keep It read

Andrew Copson, We must resist “debased” forms of freedom of religion or belief read

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