30 June, 2019 15:31

Salman Rushdie wins 2019 Humanist of the Year.

AHA State of Humanism 2019

The Evangelical Scion Who Stopped Believing. By Mark Oppenheimer Bart Campolo) “Epstein told Campolo about Varun Soni, the dean of religious life at U.S.C., and in 2014 Campolo began talking with Soni on the phone. After a few conversations, Campolo had been offered an office, an email account and a title: humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California. No salary, but it was a start.”

New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders. By STEVEN STANKEVICIUS

Some Basics About #Humanism. BY DAVID BREEDEN. (2015)

Religion: It’s What You Do. JANUARY 1, 2015 BY DAVID BREEDEN

Half of Atheist Kids Wind Up BelievingBy Katie Zavadski

Foundation for Critical Thinking, Atheist Alliance International, Foundation Beyond Belief, and Johnny Monsarrat Team Up for

The Letter Between Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke That Sparked the Greatest SciFi Film Ever Made (1964)

Theology and Honesty. by James A. Haught. “My far-flung family is quite diverse. Dr. John F. Haught is a renowned Catholic theologian who has produced a flood of erudite books. A Haught woman in the Southwest wrote several lurid sex nove.”

The Emperor and the Economist: How Marcus Aurelius Influenced Adam Smith by Paul Meany

Enlightenment Idols: Are we stuck in progress? by Ollie Cussen

Humanist Lawyers Have Launched a Progressive Version of the Federalist Society. by Hemant Mehta

Is religion a universal in human culture or an academic invention? by Brett Colasacco

God, War, and Progressivism. by Justin Raimondo

Why it’s only science that can answer all the big questions. by Peter Atkins

Stoicism and mindfulness meditation by Michael Reibel Boesen

History was critical to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Bladensburg cross case, so why did the court get so much wrong? By Andrew L. Seidel
“Instead of looking to the First Amendment and the principle it represents — that the government must remain strictly neutral on matters of religion — Alito decided to take “a more modest approach that focuses on the particular issue at hand and looks to history for guidance.” Alito’s “history” must be corrected! “There is one way we can fight back, and that is at leastto correct the historic record. At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we are committed to ensuring that no Christian nationalist lie or distortion ever goes uncorrected.”

Book: As Rome fell, Christians destroyed classical culture. by Rick Snedeker adds to Robert Louis Semes’ review of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey.

David Kolyanides: The Christian Taliban in public schools

Young Earth Creationists and the Flat Earth Conspiracy. by Libby Anne

Was Abraham Lincoln an Atheist? By BECKY LITTLE

The Aging of New Atheism; From the Four Horsemen to the Intellectual Dark Web – by John Wood, Jr.. An important article focusing on the evolving views of Sam Harris [and Matt Dillahunty, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro,Dennis Prager, Robin Hanson, Jonathan Haidt, and Bret Weinstein].

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