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Ben Wood, A Short Course on Humanism (UK)

HUMANISM 101 | Predicting the Future by Making It. BY MICHAEL WERNER. “We can never surrender to the forces of chaos and despair because it violates everything we humanists care about on this one precious planet and the one life we have.”

Richard Dawkins & Michael Shermer on Outgrowing Religion

Vi La Bianca,, Atheists Are Not Inherently Better Than Christians
“As I like to remind to my readers, it is not your job to debate religious people or help them deconvert. That is emotional labor that can’t be demanded of you, high ground or no. But if you are willing to reach out your hand, please do so with compassion and egalitarianism. We’re all on this godforsaken planet spiraling at a breakneck pace through the frigid depths of space together.’

Nicholas Kristof,, We’re Less and Less a Christian Nation, and I Blame Some Blowhards

Morgan Meis, Philip Pullman’s Problem With God

Patricia S. Churchland: The Nature of Moral Motivation

Ken Ham, Ending Religion—It’s a Bad Idea … Says Richard Dawkins? “Dawkins may think the masses need to maintain a belief in God for social order, but there’s a much more important reason to believe in God, and his Son, Jesus Christ: to respond to the gospel and receive eternal salvation.”

lwhite, New Survey Finds That the Values That Matter to Most Americans Have Shifted

David Breeden, Humanism and Widening Circles of Compassion

Ryan P. Burge, American Religion in 2030

Barry Kosmin, Why an Aware Homo Secularis Is Paramount. Kosmin coined “nones” and directs American Religious Identification Survey. Here is his acceptance of the AHA 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Figs In Winter, Epic Battles in Practical Ethics: Stoicism vs Epicureanism

Rick Snedeker, Nonreligious Americans can now access U.S. Secular Survey online

Stephen Dinan, ‘Organized destruction’: William Barr blasts ‘militant secularists’ over assault on religion

David Breeden, Humanism: We Are Gathered Here Today . . . because . . . “A “changed human being” committed to a naturalistic worldview, universal human rights, and the conviction that human beings must take responsibility for human problem.
This is the essence of what Humanism is about. The rest . . . is only containers.”
pewforum. In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace. Many useful graphs.

Ed Simon, Struggling With the Legacy of Harold Bloom, Brilliant but Deeply Flawed Critic (1930-2019)


Carol Tavris, The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine

David S. Wallace, “Why Should I Venerate?”: Walt Whitman at 200

Maria Popova, Walt Whitman’s Advice on Living a Vibrant and Rewarding Life

Juhem Navarro-Rivera, The Importance of Organized Secularism in Politics

David Breeden, Humanism and Definitions

Norm R. Allen, Racism in Organized Nontheism — Kurtz Institute

Amanda Poppei, NEWSLETTER : Some Updates from the UUHA

Gretchen Mullen, Misrepresenting Sam Harris

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins, Has Capitalism Become Our Religion?

Michael Werner, HUMANISM 101 | Predicting the Future by Making It

Donald J. Robertson, Stoic Mindfulness

Jerome Braun, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense for Our Time

Rick Snedeker, Secular website helps doubting or atheist clergy re-imagine their lives

Rick Snedeker, Everyone says young Americans are fleeing faith. Wait, not so fast.

Phil Zuckerman, What It Means to Be Moral. “Underlining is Zuckerman’s belief that humanism is what makes agnosticism and atheism moral. Humanist principles that empathize human worth and dignity can provide the foundation of secular moral orientations.”

Jennifer Bardi, Connections: Humanism in South India and Beyond. “[E.V. Ramasamy] Periyar is revered in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu for championing humanism and challenging the caste system.”

Barry Duke, Indian court rules in favour of ‘no God’ inscriptions on Periyar statues

David Breeden, Humanism, Object-oriented Ontology, and What’s Other

skeptic.com, Michael Shermer and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Massimo Pigliucci, Anger is temporary madness: the Stoics knew how to curb it

Freethought Matters: Philosopher Daniel Dennett

Katie Fitzpatrick, Change the world, not yourself, or how Arendt called out Thoreau

Andrew L. Seidel. The Story of ‘In God We Trust,’ Our Christian Nationalist Motto [Part 1]

Andrew L. Seidel, The Religious Motto That Isn’t Religious: How ‘In God We Trust’ Remains Constitutional [Part 2]

Maria Popova, How to Grow Old: Bertrand Russell on What Makes a Fulfilling Life

new Humanist posts

Faith Hill, Building a Church Without God Was Never Going to Be Easy
Secular organizers started their own congregations. But to succeed, they need to do a better job of imitating religion.

Pew on counties that harass religiosity unaffiliated

James A. Haught,, The Internet Gives Doubters a Home. “Well, if in-person gatherings rarely work for skeptics, I think there’s a better “glue” to unite millions of freethinkers worldwide. It’s the colossal Internet, the enormous portal for all of humanity. … Further, there’s scientific evidence that the Internet actually creates atheism….There you have it: The Internet provides a worldwide haven for freethought – and it also creates more freethought. If in-person meetings can’t make a sanctuary for doubters, cyberland can.”

10 Great Reasons To Think and Be A Skeptic. by Joseph,

Humanism at Harvard. by James Croft,

Adam Lee, The Coming Secular Era, Continued. “My co-author Jim Haught calls the rise of atheism and secularism the biggest news of the 21st century. You can debate whether there are other stories that count as “bigger,” but it’s hard to deny that this is a striking development. It’s a sharp break with hundreds of years of human history, and what’s more, it’s happening on a very rapid timescale.” Many world studies quoted.

PZ Myers describes the new Netflix documentary ‘The Fanily’ based on an earlier book. Both describe how the name of Jesus has been used to promote very conservative agendas around the world. The documentary is a MUST for humanists.

SCOTTY HENDRICKS, Why Secular Humanism can do what Atheism can’t. Good survey of current US organizations and positions. Links to 3m Alain Botton video (3m), Michael Shermer (6m) and and Ste[hen Fry (14m), plus other videos and BigThink articles.

Vanessa Gomez Brake is the 2019 UU Humanist Association’s Person. She is now the associate dean of religious life at University of Southern California. Mariam Salassi’s earlier story and interview.

James A. Haught on Mainstream Silence. How MSM seldom deals with stories about freethought. “They cover demographic trends such as the decline of churchgoing, and sometimes they report about atheist groups, but usually they won’t publish frontal assaults saying religion is false.”

James A. Haught , The Mother of All Questions. “The answer dictates your entire approach to life.(…) Is there a supernatural god who may burn you forever in fire after you die? If the answer is yes, it’s the most crucial fact of human life. But if no such god exists, western religions have committed millennia of fraud and deception.”

Paul Fidalgo, No Sting Songs For You. His daily newsletter with links to many relevant stories.

David Breeden, From Marcus Aurelius to Himself.

new Humanist posts

Is There a God? Stephen Hawking Gives the Definitive Answer to the Eternal Question
by Maria Popova, Brain Pickigs, July, 2019. . “So where is all this negative energy today? It’s in the third ingredient in our cosmic cookbook: it’s in space. This may sound odd, but according to the laws of nature concerning gravity and motion — laws that are among the oldest in science — space itself is a vast store of negative energy. Enough to ensure that everything adds up to zero…..So far so good. Where does the hydrogen come from? Answer: the Big Bang. But here’s the crucial bit. The laws of nature itself tell us that not only could the universe have popped into existence without any assistance, like a proton, and have required nothing in terms of energy, but also that it is possible that nothing caused the Big Bang. Nothing.
….For me this means that there is no possibility of a creator, because there is no time for a creator to have existed in…..It’s my view that the simplest explanation is that there is no God. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate….But there’s a sense in which we live on, in our influence, and in our genes that we pass on to our children. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe, and for that I am extremely grateful…..We are all time travellers, journeying together into the future. But let us work together to make that future a place we want to visit. Be brave, be curious, be determined, overcome the odds. It can be done.”

On Neuroscience and Morality: Five Questions for Patricia S. Churchland by Hope Reese. “Patricia S. Churchland is a key figure in the field of neurophilosophy, which employs a multidisciplinary lens to examine how neurobiology contributes to philosophical and ethical thinking. In her new book, “Conscience: The Origins of Moral Intuition,”

The problem of mindfulness. by Sahanika Ratna. “Mindfulness has become something of a one-size-fits-all response for a host of modern ills – something ideologicelly innocent that fits easily into anyone’s life, regardless of background, beliefs or values.” WE need to remember that the Buddhist traditions underlying most mindfulness practices never emphasizing the importance of improvability of he world or Society.

Abraham, Isaac, and the Anthropocene. by David Breeden, Today.s Isaac? “In the face of global climate change, the religious right is following Abraham’s playbook. They have taken the planet, our only planet, the planet that we love, out into the desert. True believers have the knife poised at the planet’s throat. They are quite prepared to show their deep faith by ignoring reality….A central idea in Humanism is that human beings must solve human problems — we human beings must be our own angels. This is the biggest danger to life on the planet. We have allies on the religious left. Time to get our wings on.”

We Need a New Science of Progress by Tyler Cowen and Patrick Collison. “By “progress,” we mean the combination of economic, technological, scientific, cultural, and organizational advancement that has transformed our lives and raised standards of living over the past couple of centuries.”

Why Did Target Stop Selling a Popular “Humanist” Throw Pillow? by Hemant Mehta.

The Mythological Creature that Christians Still Believe In. By John Lombard. “There is no definition of a real Christian that you could get even half of all those who identify as Christian to agree on.” Continue to Linda LaScola’s Appendix.

Gallup: 40% of Americans Are Creationists, but a Record-High 22% Accept Reality. by Hemant Mehta

Why Corporations Want You to Shut Up and Meditate. by Zachary Siegel

Millennials Increasingly Are Finding Spirituality in Astrology, Crystals Over Christianity
Read more at https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/news/2019/07/millennials-increasingly-are-finding-spirituality-in-astrology-crystals-over-christianity.php#xHqawMWB8W3CUDu4.99

Nonreligion and Secularity Research Network (NSRN)

Is America Becoming Godless? Survey Finds People With No Religion Has Risen 266 Percent
Read more at https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/news/2019/04/america-becoming-godless-survey-finds-people-no-religion-risen-266-percent.php#a9AZSm6iAZVSDG6r.99

Atheists Now Nearly as Numerous as Evangelicals
Read more at https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/news/2019/03/atheists-now-nearly-numerous-evangelicals.php#qQliYgIr8U5kXkvq.99. (NORC)

Beyond Humanism: Emerging Technologies and African Futures by Leo Igwe

The Biggest News of the 21st Century By James A. Haught. “All of those are important, but I nominate another: The remarkably rapid collapse of religion in advanced democracies. It’s major news with far-reaching impact….America traditionally was an exception, a faith stronghold, but the United States is joining the secular tsunami…Churches are shrinking. Secularism is soaring. Humanist values wield ever-greater strength in public life.
All I can say is: Hallelujah!

Evolution is ‘only a theory,’ says Florida’s new Education chairman. by Rick Snedeker

Greg Epstein’s sabbatical plans and his TechCrunch

Are Americans Embracing Atheism? (PRRI}

Guns Don’t Kill People, Beliefs Kill People. BY MICHAEL SHERMER

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Tweet on Mass Shooting Deaths Strikes a Nerve His tweet reminded us that “our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.” and our mainstream media (MSMs) prefer this tp facts. For those, we must search!

David Breeden,

new humanist posts

Just 12% of Brits are affiliated to C of E, major survey reveals..(open)

James Croft on coming out

Breaking the Faith, It took centuries to fulfill James Madison’s unique vision of religious freedom. Donald Trump threatens to undo it. By Steven Waldman

Rick Snedeker rejects Andrew Yang’s statements about atheism being a religion.

Understanding Cultures of Unbelief for Religious. In the last part of May 2019, an unlikely gathering took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, sponsored by the Pontifical Commission for…. by Fr. Carl Chudy

Can We Avoid Insulting Believers? It’s difficult for sincere doubters to talk with sincere believers without causing bad feelings. by James Haught

PRRI, America’s Growing Support for Transgender Rights

Pew. A Closer Look at How Religious Restrictions Have Risen Around the World

Tom Flynn, Humanism’s Chasm.

Nathan Alexander discusses his new book on relations between atheism and racism in US and UK 1855-1924. (religious were worse)

Women of Color Beyond Belief


11 July, 2019 14:04

Abdullah Al Masud. FFRF sent a $5,000 stipend this spring to Abdullah as part of its “secular underground railway.” ”A modern-day Islamic renaissance is about to take place in the Indian subcontinent and ground zero is Bangladesh…Voices from people like us must be heard while Islam metastasizes.”

Daniel C. Dennett: Clergy disbelief confessions come to life. “When my wife Susan read the final draft of Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind, the book Linda LaScola and I wrote about the confidential interviews Linda had conducted with nearly 30 nonbelieving clergy, her immediate reaction was that this would make a stirring play. She was right. Linda and I joined forces with New York City playwright Marin Gazzaniga, who, supported by a grant from the Richard Dawkins Foundation, combed through the thousands of pages of transcripts and assembled a play drawn directly from their interviews.”

Salman Rushdie: ‘The lunatics are running the asylum” by the Freedom From, freethoughttoday. Rushdie received FFRF’s Emperor Has No Clothes Award, which is given to public or well-known personalities who “tell it like it is” about religion…..The gods were born because human beings did not understand the world. . . .We are no longer those ignorant people who had to tell ourselves those fables. Science has better stories, and many of them are verifiable. But what is even better is that science is willing to say that it doesn’t know everything”

James A. Haught: Religion fading as intelligence rises. “”Supernatural religion is a colossal system of falsehoods. Invisible gods, devils, heavens, hells, angels, demons and other magical church entities don’t actually exist. They’re just concoctions of the human imagination…..It’s fortunate that supernatural religion is fading as America grows more intelligent. Bring it on. The faster the better.”

America’s Functional Atheism. by James A. Haught, “These worshipers clearly believe supernatural dogmas. “These worshipers clearly believe supernatural dogmas. However, they’re a shrinking fringe, relentlessly retreating. Most of America is turning secular with amazing rapidity.”

‘The Jefferson Bible’: Miracle-free and bristling with reality. by Rick Snedeker

Diogenes and Cosmopolitanism. The Dream of a World Community has Ancient Origins. By Steven Gambardella. “Of what is known of Diogenes’s ideas, cosmopolitanism is the most powerful. It would have been an extraordinarily radical and even dangerous idea to hold at the time.”

The Wisdom to Know the Difference. by David Breeden, “One of the hallmarks of non-theist religions is their insistence that human life can be improved by cognitive means — by using our thoughts, our knowledge, and our perceptions. In these traditions, wisdom comes not from the gods but from a very human combination of acquired facts and controlled intuitions. Mind. Thought.”

On Justice, Trying, and How Much is Enough. by David Breeden

How to Celebrate Walt Whitman’s Two-Hundredth Birthday by Peter Schjeldahl. “That’s because your voice, if you are fluent in American, is anticipated, pre-wired into the declarative but intimate, easy-flowing lines. It’s as if you were a phonograph needle dropped into a vinyl groove.”

Public Religion Research by Ray Kirstein,

Thomas Jefferson was a man of reason, not faith. Repeat. by Rick Snedeker “When secular people, like myself, hear people going on about how America is a “Christian nation,” we bristle because it’s manifestly untrue, a self-serving myth of the Christian Right.
Indeed, most of the key Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and Thomas Paine, were Enlightenment men passionately devoted to the empirical realities of science and reason, not religious men in thrall to divinities.”

The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine (Michael Shermer)

How Einstein Reconciled Religion to Science

Clergy Disbelief Confessions Come to Life. New play based on Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola”book.

Rick Snedeker, Treating Christianity as if divine perpetuated pedophilia scandal

Susan Jacoby, Stop Calling Politics Our New Religion

Jack Jenkins, Watching the rise of the religious left on 1970s TV.

William Reville, ‘Science does not try to undermine religion – religion is simply irrelevant to science’. Let’s not fool ourselves. I wish religion had been an ally of science – usually it was an opponent, and in most of the world it still is.

The builder of Noah’s Ark ‘replica’ thinks libraries are LGBTQ sewers by Rick Snedeker. “Medical and psychiatric professionals reject conservative Christian view that LGBTQ people are “abominations.” They’re completely normal, in fact.”

eSkeptic. Michael Shermer interviews Andrew Seidel on his new book about the alleged Christian origins of the U.S.

Can a Jew also be an atheist? Can a Muslim? A Christian? By Rick Snedeker. This a part of a translated Israeli podcast. Would it have changed if the discussants were U.S. citizens?

The Metaphorical Blindness of Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. By Ben Freeland. Reflecting on the recent reencounters of the two.

James A. Haught: Religion fading as intelligence rises

“between 2008 and 2018 there was a 13 percentage point drop (54% to 41%) of Americans who identify as white and Christian.” PRRI

Jennifer Hancock on being “stumped by emotions”

Mark Dann FFRF) on extending availability of secular recovery programs.

James Croft, Running From the Classroom

James Haught, Can We Avoid Insulting Believers? “Maybe polite questioning is the best course in dealing with religious believers who surround you. If that doesn’t work, we can just smile to ourselves and avoid debates.”

30 June, 2019 15:31

Salman Rushdie wins 2019 Humanist of the Year.

AHA State of Humanism 2019

The Evangelical Scion Who Stopped Believing. By Mark Oppenheimer Bart Campolo) “Epstein told Campolo about Varun Soni, the dean of religious life at U.S.C., and in 2014 Campolo began talking with Soni on the phone. After a few conversations, Campolo had been offered an office, an email account and a title: humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California. No salary, but it was a start.”

New atheists must become new vegans: Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the extra burden on moral leaders. By STEVEN STANKEVICIUS

Some Basics About #Humanism. BY DAVID BREEDEN. (2015)

Religion: It’s What You Do. JANUARY 1, 2015 BY DAVID BREEDEN

Half of Atheist Kids Wind Up BelievingBy Katie Zavadski

Foundation for Critical Thinking, Atheist Alliance International, Foundation Beyond Belief, and Johnny Monsarrat Team Up for

The Letter Between Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke That Sparked the Greatest SciFi Film Ever Made (1964)

Theology and Honesty. by James A. Haught. “My far-flung family is quite diverse. Dr. John F. Haught is a renowned Catholic theologian who has produced a flood of erudite books. A Haught woman in the Southwest wrote several lurid sex nove.”

The Emperor and the Economist: How Marcus Aurelius Influenced Adam Smith by Paul Meany

Enlightenment Idols: Are we stuck in progress? by Ollie Cussen

Humanist Lawyers Have Launched a Progressive Version of the Federalist Society. by Hemant Mehta

Is religion a universal in human culture or an academic invention? by Brett Colasacco

God, War, and Progressivism. by Justin Raimondo

Why it’s only science that can answer all the big questions. by Peter Atkins

Stoicism and mindfulness meditation by Michael Reibel Boesen

History was critical to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Bladensburg cross case, so why did the court get so much wrong? By Andrew L. Seidel
“Instead of looking to the First Amendment and the principle it represents — that the government must remain strictly neutral on matters of religion — Alito decided to take “a more modest approach that focuses on the particular issue at hand and looks to history for guidance.” Alito’s “history” must be corrected! “There is one way we can fight back, and that is at leastto correct the historic record. At the Freedom From Religion Foundation, we are committed to ensuring that no Christian nationalist lie or distortion ever goes uncorrected.”

Book: As Rome fell, Christians destroyed classical culture. by Rick Snedeker adds to Robert Louis Semes’ review of The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World by Catherine Nixey.

David Kolyanides: The Christian Taliban in public schools

Young Earth Creationists and the Flat Earth Conspiracy. by Libby Anne

Was Abraham Lincoln an Atheist? By BECKY LITTLE

The Aging of New Atheism; From the Four Horsemen to the Intellectual Dark Web – by John Wood, Jr.. An important article focusing on the evolving views of Sam Harris [and Matt Dillahunty, Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro,Dennis Prager, Robin Hanson, Jonathan Haidt, and Bret Weinstein].

new post of Humanist Articles

Note: My article links are now in a simpler format (see final parts of this post). The whole post remains searchable (as well as any included quotes). And my cumulative posts are equally searchable (in case you need more things to read!).


New Humanist Articles. (June 22, 2019)

Dialectics of Enlightenment. by Kwame Anthony Appiah, nybooks.com. “In particular, what if the effort to shore up rationality invites its opposite? What if light is destined to generate shadows, Enlightenment a Counter-Enlightenment? That’s the thesis of Justin E.H. Smith’s new book, Irrationality: A History of the Dark Side of Reason. The difficulty posed by reason, he suggests, is…. Should we conclude that rational solutions—improved algorithms, better voting systems—are bound to worsen the underlying irrationality? Smith says that irrationality is “humanly ineradicable, and that efforts to eradicate it are themselves supremely irrational”; but the efforts he largely has in mind, it seems, are efforts to manage human irrationality, not to eradicate it, and such efforts can be given old-fashioned, rationalist names: good governance, prudent policy….. We can’t solve all human problems with reason alone; but we can’t solve any of them without it.” open

Fitness Trackers, Dating Apps, and Other Ladders to Nowhere. by Mallory Rentsch, lists.christianitytoday.com. open

Watch: Pro-Choice Activists to ‘Pro-Life Barbie’: ‘F*ck You and the Rest of You Ignorant B*tches’. by Amanda House, breitbart.com. open

What Counts As Religious Experience? templeton.org. open

Pakistan lawyer is named Secularist of the Year by NSS. by Barry Duke, patheos.com. open

James Dobson: If the Equality Act Becomes Law, Democrats “Will Enslave Us”. by Hemant Mehta, friendlyatheist.patheos.com. open

Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, What Illinois Bikers Know That Washington Doesn’t. by Andrew Bacevich, tomdispatch.com. open

Memorial Day 1955 — And Today. by wjastore, bracingviews.c. “I find it remarkable that talk of peace in America has almost completely disappeared from our public discourse. Permanent war is instead seen as inevitable, the price of confronting evildoers around the world.” open

Washington State Legalizes Composting of Human Remains. by Rebecca Worby, psmag.com. open

GlobalPlus: Secularism in the West. by Sky Island, globalplus.thearda.com. open

Researchers find Catholic Church’s patterns of sexual abuse consistent across time and place. religionwatch.com. open

We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America. by The Atlantic, theatlantic.com. open

James Dobson Warns Democrats Will ‘Enslave’ Conservative Christians
by Michael Stone, patheos.com. open

Faith demands we forgo our most powerful capacity: reason. by Rick Snedeker, patheos.com. open

After All the Handwringing We’re Now Seeing Exactly Why Conservative Christians Supported Trump. By Hollis Phelps & L. Benjamin Rolsky. open

Think Yoga and Mindfulness in Public Schools Are a No-Brainer? Think Again. May 17, 2019, 1:52pm Candy Gunther Brown. open

Forbidden! by David Breeden, medium.com. open

Report catalogues soaring incidents of trespassing, disruption, and intimidation at abortion clinics. open

Millennial Non-Christians Show Greater Spiritual Curiosity Than Older Adults. barna.com. open

Why Fiction Trumps Truth. by Yuval Noah Harari, nytimes.com. open

White Women Are Helping States Pass Abortion Restrictions. by Ronald Brownstein, theatlantic.com. open

Does Religion Cause Violence? by Jonathan MS Pearce, patheos.com. open

by Rick Snedeker, patheos.com. open

An Atheist’s Guide to Spirituality
‘I did not have to believe anything irrational about the universe.’
Nautilus. May 26. open

by Maria Popova, brainpickings.org. open

Christians will exodus from Maine because of a new vaccination law
by Barry Duke, patheos.com. open

Jared Diamond: There’s a 49 Percent Chance the World As We Know It Will End by 2050,
by David Wallace-Wells, nymag.com


‘We Don’t Know a Planet Like This’: CO2 Levels Hit 415 PPM for First Time in 3 Million+ Years. by Jon Queally, commondreams.org

Exploring the Historical Roots of Religious Freedom A Conversation with Steven Waldman by Becky Garrison

This World Humanist Day, What Do We Wish People Knew About Humanism?by TheHumanist.com Staff,

This World Humanist Day, What Do We Wish People Knew About Humanism?by TheHumanist.com Staff,

U.S. Sanctions: Economic sabotage that is deadly, illegal and ineffective, by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J S,

FFRF pro-choice NY Times ad faults religion

Commentary: World Humanist Day signifies importance of humanistic values. By BY DAN BARKER

AOC Is the Trump-Era Hero We Need, by Krystal Ball,

new Humanist posts

Amanda Marcotte,, #WeToo? read
Tali Sharo, The Influential Mind: What the Brain Reveals About Our Power to Change Others..(watch)
Richard Feynman: Entropy, Past And Future, History Of The Universe (2 pts) watch
Hemant Mehta, After Marriott Merger, Sheraton and Westin Hotels Will Offer Holy Books in Rooms read
David Breeden A Tale of Two Gods read
Katie Fustich, On religion and the left: Does socialism have to mean atheism? read
Rick Snedeker, , We Could Learn from Critical-Thinking Initiative in Rural India read
Hemant Mehta, After Marriott Merger, Sheraton and Westin Hotels Will Offer Holy Books in Rooms
PZ Myers on recent meeting of Heads “Some of them are all right. But way too many of them are, at best, defenders of the status quo, and at worst, representative of the nastier elements of atheism. Old boss, same as the new boss.” read
Julia Sweeney on Freethought Matters (28m) watch
barna.com. Atheism Doubles Among Generation Z read
Steven Pinker’s Best Arguments of all time, Part One watch
Why do progressives hate progress? | Steven Pinker watch
Margaret Fuller. Maria Popova remembers this transcendentalist feminist. read
Hemant Mehta,, 2017 Freedom of Thought Report Highlights World’s Worst Countries for Atheists read
David Breeden, How Ought We Live Our Lives? read
Chris Sloggett, Only secularism can defeat the emboldened Hindu right read
The Skeptics Society & Skeptic magazine (Junior items) read
Casey Cep, Why Are Americans Still Uncomfortable with Atheism? read
You can listen to Atheist Republic News watch
Ayun Halliday, Behold Kurt Vonnegut’s Drawings: Writing is Hard. Art is Pure Pleasure. watch
Jonathan Merritt, It’s Getting Harder to Talk About God read
Hemant Mehta, Here Are the Biggest Church/State Separation Cases Facing the Next Supreme Court read
James A. Haught, Is It Blasphemy or Honesty? read
Adam Gopnik, The Prophetic Pragmatism of Frederick Douglass read
Mano Singham, Are religion and evolution necessarily incompatible? read
Michael Fitzgerald Atheism, the Computer Model: Big data meets history to forecast the rise and fall of religion read
Rick Snedeker, ‘Nones,’ Thus Far, Too Shy to Be A Force in American Politics read
Hemant Mehta, Poll Shows Nearly Half of British Adults Don’t Believe Jesus Performed Miracles read

PZ Myers,, I’m worried about David Silverman read
PZ Myers, So, what has David Silverman been up to lately? read
Rick Snedeker, Even Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Skeptic Wrestles With Divine read
UK, Replace RE with ‘religion and worldviews’, says commission read
y Libby Anne, Christopher Hitchens, Doug Wilson, and the Making and Remaking of a Platform read
Latest British Social Attitudes Survey shows Church of England hit record low read
Rick Snedeker, No Joke: Eight States’ Constitutions Bar Atheists From Public Office read
Susan Frederick-Gray, This is no time for a casual faith read
Rick Snedeker, Christianity’s Great ‘Fake It ‘Til You Make It’ Con read
Hemant Mehta, Atheists Characters in TV and Film Are Far More Complex Than They Used To Be read
Julian Baggini, Hume the humane read
David Breeden, In the Garden of Dark and Darker read
David Breeden, Best Religion Ever read
Tom Krattenmaker, A New Vision for Secular Transcendence read
Fred Edwords,Faith and Faithlessness by Generation: The Decline and Rise are Real read
Dale McGowan, As the Christian Church Crumbles, is Humanism Ready to Step Up? read

Humanist posts

Tom Jacobs, Steven Pinker’s Radical Brand of ‘Contingent Optimism’ Conversation: :We will always be vulnerable to urges like revenge, anecdotal thinking, and demonization. The question is whether our institutions and norms can keep them at bay. The habits of journalism are to always focus on the present. We can be misled by the availability and vividness of current news, and the fading of bad memories, into an inaccurate picture of which way the world is going. Although I’m a political centrist, I apportion the lion’s share of the blame for the challenging of those norms to Trump and the Republican Party. The key point of the book is that the values of the Enlightenment embolden us to solve problems. Human nature allows for the possibility of cumulative improvement, even as it faces the constant drag of primitive impulses that work against it. It’s an ongoing struggle. ….The position that we can’t solve the problem [c;imate change} is completely consistent with the denialist position that nothing should change whatsoever. Different premises, but they reach the same conclusion.” read
CFI, Massimo Polidoro, The Mind of James Randi watch

CFI, Navy Rejection of Humanist Chaplains Demeans and Discriminates, Call for a Ban is Unconstitutional read
David Breeden, Doin’ It Like Church read
7 in 10 young people in the UK are non-religious, new research finds read
Walter G. Moss, Review of Steven Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress” read
Valerie Tarico: Why is the bible so badly written? “Although some passages in the bible are lyrical and gripping, many would get kicked back by any competent editor or writing professor — kicked back with a lot of red ink.” read
40th anniversary: Timeline of FFRF’s history read
Maryam Namazie — We resist and challenge because we must read
Zenos Frudakis — Darrow statue can help educate for years read
Bob Seidensticker, God Loves the Smell of Burning Flesh: Human Sacrifice in the Bible read
Kurt Vonnegut, Social Justice: The New American Dream read
Kelly Besecke, Reflexive Spirituality: Seeking the Spiritual Experience in a Modern Society (excerpt from her book, Cant Put God in a Box: Thoughtful Spirituality in a Rational Age ) read
Christopher Cameron, Black atheists matter: how women freethinkers take on religion read
Carl Chudy, Exploring the Bleeding Borders of the Secular and the Sacred read
PZ Myers, Sam Seder vs. Jordan Peterson read
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Trav Mamone, Why Are Secular Skeptic Communities Failing To Address Sexual Crime? read
Philip Galanes, The Mind Meld of Bill Gates and Steven Pinker read

New Articles of humanist interest

Amy Couch, , Pursuing Truth with Anjan Chakravartty(new professor at Univ. of Miami) “The thing I’m most unsure about is what response we will get, in a society that is so polarized in so many ways, but I’m hopeful that everyone, whatever their personal view of the Chair for the Study of Atheism, Humanism, and Secular Ethics, will join me in thinking that the ideal of excellent education and research is crucial to our wellbeing as a society and to our collective future.”read
Bradford Richardson Atheists slam Trump for referencing only Christianity at prayer breakfast read
, The Improbable Friendship That Shaped a Generation of Literary Scholarship
Lionel Trilling and Jacques Barzun seemed an intellectual odd couple. What made their relationship last?
Colin Marshall, An Animated Introduction to Epicurus and His Answer to the Ancient Question: What Makes Us Happy? watch
Julian Baggini on Steven Pinker “In a work of such breadth and scope, small lapses like this are inevitable, but are far outweighed by the clarity, force and evidential weight of his central arguments.” read
Michelle Goldberg int. on Freethought Matters (28m) watch
Jay Cornell, Techno-Optimism: The World’s Transformation Since the Industrial Revolution (Transhumanism?) read
Michael Shermer, Heavens on Earth “For millennia, religions have concocted numerous manifestations of heaven and the afterlife, and though no one has ever returned from such a place to report what it is really like—or that it even exists—today science and technology are being used to try to make it happen in our lifetime. From radical life extension to cryonic suspension to mind uploading, Shermer considers how realistic these attempts are from a proper skeptical perspective.” read
Julie Zauzmer, The complicated history of ‘In God We Trust’ and other examples Trump gives of American religion read
Isabel Fattal, How Should Atheism Be Taught? read
Jennifer Szalai, Steven Pinker Wants You to Know Humanity Is Doing Fine. Just Don’t Ask About Individual Humans. “There’s a noble kernel to Pinker’s project. He wants to discourage the kind of fatalism that leads people to think the only way forward is to tear everything down. But he seems surprisingly blind to how he fuels such fatalism by playing to the worst stereotype of the enlightened cosmopolitan: disdainful and condescending — sympathetic to humanity in the abstract but impervious to the suffering of actual human beings.” read
David Breeden, Socbots and the Three Poisons “Ah, American politics. Reminds me of the “three poisons” in Buddhism: anger, greed, and delusion. “ read
Clay Farris Naff, Enlightenment Wow: The Humanist Interview with Steven Pinker “I wonder whether you have plans to push these ideas out into the prevailing culture by other means.
Pinker: I certainly do. I’m participating in a large number of podcasts and web interviews. I endorse websites such as Our World in Data, Human Progress, and Gapminder, which provide interactive graphics that can tell a story in a way that sentences can’t. I give lectures that are distributed on the web. So I’m very much immersed in the new universe of electronic media.”. Why is Google/YouTube taking down these videos and threatening the sites that post them? read
Amanda Marcotte and Alternet, Atheism’s shocking woman problem: What’s behind the misogyny of Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris? (issues raised in this 2014 post cvontinue to be debated) read
AEU Gun Control Statement read
David Breeden, Gods, Guns, and Gut Emotions ‘“Thoughts and prayers” is fast becoming the “let them eat cake” of our era. Even those who believe that prayer has some efficacy are finding the phrase risible in the face of constant mass shootings.’ ‘read