Humanist Articles

The Best of The Humanist: Humanist Philosophy 1928-1973″ by Charles Murn  reviewed in The Humanist (January-February 2019) 44-45 (read)

“Planetary Humanist Values.” The Humanist Prospect 4(2) (Spring,2015) 2-9 (read)

“Honoring Paul Kurtz (1925-2012)” International Humanist News (Nov 2012) 35 (read)

“Spirituality” — 3 social science articles (read)

“Religious and Secular Effects of Pragmatism” in Philosophy of Pragmatism: Religious Premises, Moral Issues and Historical Impact, Editors  Monica Merutiu Bogdan A. Dicher Adrian Ludu§an, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Fundaliei pentru Studii Europene, 2007. 115-134 (read)

“The Humanist Institute.” Religious Humanism 37.2 (2004) (read)

“Humanism in the United States.”   Humanistiek, Journal for Humanistics 10  (June 2002): 47-54 (read)

“The Once and Future Humanist Institute,” The Humanist 58 (1) (Ja-Fe 1998): 46-7 (read)

“The Religious Left Gathers in Chicago,” Christian Century (Oct 6, 1982): 971. Copyright 1982 CHRISTIAN CENTURY. Reproduced by permission from the Oct 6, 1982 issue of the CHRISTIAN CENTURY. Subscriptions: $49/year from P.O. Box 378, Mt. Morris, IL 61054. 1-800-208-4097 (read)

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