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Review, Frank Donoghue,”The Last Professors: The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities”, On the Horizon, (2010) 18:2, 147 – 153 (read)

“Why Study Religions–and How?” in The Olli Scholar: a journal of essays. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: University of Minnesota, 2010 (read)

Review, Michelle Goldberg, The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World. The Humanist 69:6 (Nov-Dec 2009): 42-43 (read)

A Response to Religion and Science: Toward a Postmodern Truce” Religion Dispatches, Sept. 14, 2009 (read)

“Is God the Supreme Abortionist?” Religion Dispatches, Dec. 11, 2008 (read)

Editorial, “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Still Ahead of Its Time?” The Humanist 68.6 (Nov-Dec 2009): (read)

Review of Creighton Peden. A good life in a world made good : Albert Eustace Haydon, 1880-1975.(2006) New York: Peter Lang in online Journal of Liberal Religion, 8.1 (Winter 2008) (read)

“Religious and Secular Effects of Pragmatism” in Philosophy of Pragmatism: Religious Premises, Moral Issues and Historical Impact, Editors  Monica Merutiu Bogdan A. Dicher Adrian Ludu§an, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Fundaliei pentru Studii Europene, 2007. 115-134 (read)

“Poverty, Health, and Bioethics” (excerpt) in Howard B. Radest and North American Committee for Humanism. 2006. Biomedical ethics. Amherst, N.Y.: Prometheus Books. 210-12, 216f. (read)

“Critics of Just War Theories: Charles E. Raven and A. J. Muste” in The Just War and Jihad: Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Editor R. Joseph Hoffmann, Amherst NY: Prometheus Books, 2006: 139-67 (read)

“Is intellectual religion endangered?” The Human Quest CCXVII (2) (Mar-Apr 2003): 11-12 (read)

“A Naturalistic Garland for Heinz Schlötermann,” in E. Pilick (ed.), Freiheit und Bindung: Festschrift fur Heinz Schlötermann zum 60.Geburtstag. Meisenheim: Verlag Anton Hain, 1973, pp. 110-18 (read)

“Religion and Community Mental Health,” (Co-author: June Louin Tapp) in S.E. Golann and C. Eisdorfer (eds.), Handbook of Community Psychology and Mental Health. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1972, pp. 107-26 (read)

“The Dialogue of World Religions.” Report of Commission III of International Association of Religion Freedom. Heidelberg (1972) (read)

“The Dialogue of World Religions.” Interim Report of Commission III of International Association of Religion Freedom. Burg Stettenfels (1971)(read)

“On the Rise of Demotheology,” Christian Century LXXXVIII (Feb. 3, 1971): 153-56. Copyright 1971CHRISTIAN CENTURY. Reproduced by permission from the Feb 3, 1971 issue of the CHRISTIAN CENTURY. Subscriptions: $49/year from P.O. Box 378, Mt. Morris, IL 61054. 1-800-208-4097 (read)

“Dimensions of Religiosity in a Post-traditional Group.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion10 (1971): 41-47. (published with permission of Wiley-Blackwell) (read)

“Housing Discrimination: A New Vista,” Anti-Defamation League Bulletin (1970). (read)

“The Bar-Brothel-Slum Bit,” Journal of the Liberal Ministry 6 (Winter, 1966): 515-18 (read)

“Natural Theology Again”?, Bulletin of the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture XV (June 1964): 181-90 (read)

“The ‘Self’ as ‘Reason’: a re-view of the religious traditions,” The Crane Review (Winter-Spring 1963): 41-55 (read)

“Released Time for Religious Education?” NEA Journal 47 (Nov. 1958): 573-74 (read)

“Protestants Face American Abundance,” Universalist Leader CXXXVIII (Oct 1956), pp. 205f (read)

“Historian or Legend Maker, Universalist Leader, CXXXVII (Sept. 1955): 203 (read)

“The World Council of Churches,” Universalist Leader CXXXVI (Oct 1954): 219-23; (Nov. 1954): 260-63 (read)

“Jesus Christ as God and Savior,” (jointly written with Homer A. Jack), Christian Register (Nov. 1954): 21-22. Also published in Empire State Universalist LXI no. 1 (Nov. 1954): 3-6 as “Toward a Definition of ‘Christian’” (read)

“Iron Curtain Christians at Evanston,” Universalist Leader CXXXVI (Nov.1954): 251-54 (read)

“Church World Council Opens,” Universalist Leader CXXVVI (Sept. 1954): 203 (read)

“Religious Liberals and the World Council of Churches,” Empire State Universalist LX no. 9 (Jul.-Aug. 1954): 139-40 (read)

“The Meaning of Easter for Religious Liberals,” Empire State Universalist, 60:6 (Apr. 1954): 92 (read)

“Quaker Lessons in Social Action,” Empire State Universalist LX (2) (Dec.1953): 37-38 (read)

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