Public Addresses

2015 Dying Without Deity conference, Columbia University, April 10-11, 2015  “The Breadth of Humanism” (watch); “The Paul Kurtz Legacy” (watch)

2014 My Development as a Humanist, interviewed by Bill Weir, Freethinking Forum, Minneapolis, September 15, 2 parts  (watch)   (watch)

2014 Minneapolis First Unitarian Society Forum, September 14, 2014 (listen)

2013 Minneapolis First Unitarian Society Alliance, May 1, 2013 (listen)

2013 Connecticut Humanist Association Anniversary Meeting, April 11 (listen)

2013 Chris Mooney’s The Republican Brain. OLLI, March 27  (listen)

2013  Those Other Elephants,  East County Democratic Club, San Diego, Jan. 17 (listen)

2013 The Range of Humanism, San Diego Unitarian Universalist Church, Jan. 6 (listen)

2012 Widening and Deepening Our Humanism, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis. Dec. 16 (listen)

2012 My Odyssey. Retreat to the Woods, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis. Oct. 6 (listen)

2012 Review William C. White. Steps, Faith to Reason. Coffman, Aug. 15 (listen)

2011 Deepen or Die, First Unitarian Society, June 10 (read)

2011 Why Are We HERE? Willmar MN Unitarian Church, April 3 (listen)

2010 Humanism—then, now, and tomorrow. Forum address, First Unitarian Society, Minneapolis. Sept. 12 (listen)

2010 Regression Toward the Mean.  HUUmanists meeting in Minneapolis, June 26  (listen)

2008 Our Identity—What, and Where?  New York Ethical Society—Manhattan, NY (read)(listen)

2007 Varieties of Humanism. Michael Servetus Unitarian Universalist Church— Fridley, MN(read)

2007 Varieties of Humanism. Humanist Center—Minneapolis, MN (read)

2005 Intellectual Autobiography. Highlands Institute for American Religious and Philosophical Thought—Highlands, NC (read)

2005 Acceptance of Horace Mann Humanist Education Award from American Humanist  Association— Albuquerque, NM. Video has 5 min. introductions by Tony Hileman and Chuck Debrovner (watch) (read)

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